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The Hope of Advent - Part II

December 10, 2017 Speaker: Lee Davis Series: Advent

Scripture: Romans 5:15–17

The Hope of Advent - Part 11
Romans 5:15-17

The first advent of Jesus brought about the hope of justification for us sons and daughters of Adam living under the shadow of condemnation.

1. Adam and Jesus acted as representatives of humanity.
   A. Adam’s sin resulted in death (separation and condemnation) for all, but Jesus’ gracious gift brings life (reconciliation and justification) to all who trust Him (vss. 15-16).
   B. Adam’s sin brought about the fear of death, but Jesus brought about the hope of life (vs. 17).

Application for Our Worship

1. We have no righteousness of our own. Jesus is our only hope to escape condemnation. Trust Him.
2. We need not posture, deflect, or hide our sin. Our justification enables us to lead transparent, repentant lives.
3. We may fight fear and consuming sorrow with the knowledge that our lives, now and for forever, are in the hands of our powerful and gracious King.

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