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The Hope of Advent - Part III

December 17, 2017 Speaker: Lee Davis Series: Advent

Scripture: Romans 5:18–21

The Hope of Advent - Part 1II

Romans 5:18-21

Jesus, the Second Adam, became incarnate in order to grant us the hope of righteousness and eternal life.

1. Jesus has overcome sin’s penalty for His people (vss. 18-19).

2. Jesus has overcome sin’s curse for His people (vss. 20-21).

Application for Our Worship

1. Advent provides us with a unique opportunity for intentional reflection, a season to foster
   A. Humility - We have no righteousness of our own.
   B. Gratitude - All we have been given is a gift.
   C. Hope - Our verdict is settled.
   D. Peace - We need not fear.
   E. Mission - Lost people all around us need the Good News.

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