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Jesus and His People on Mission - Part II

January 14, 2018 Speaker: Lee Davis Series: Acts

Scripture: Acts 8:4–25

Jesus and His People on Mission (part II)

Acts 8:4-25 - Chapter eight is a critical turning point in Acts as Jesus, through the Spirit, ensures that the Good News will expand beyond Jerusalem through the witness of the persecuted, scattered Church. These important verses teach us that Jesus is actively enabling His Church through the Spirit to make the Gospel known. We are not left to our own strength, resolve, or persuasiveness. We will also learn that even when our days seem dark and troubled, our Lord is at work and will not waste any of His kind, providential purposes.

1. In the wise and kind providence of our Lord, even the most apparent tragedy is meant for good (vs 4-8).

2. The Holy Spirit is God’s free gift to His renewed people and will lead to the restoration of genuine worship (vs. 9-25).