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Jesus, the Better Israel

December 23, 2018 Speaker: Lee Davis Series: Advent

Scripture: Matthew 2:13–23

Jesus, the Better Israel

Matthew 2:13-23 - God promised to send a redeemer to crush Satan and reconcile His people to Himself in holiness and faithfulness. Despite Israel’s innumerable privileges, she failed to be faithful to God and provide hope for the world. Jesus succeeded where God’s covenant people repeatedly failed, providing forgiveness of all our transgressions and hope for restored communion with our God.

1. Jesus is God’s promised Redeemer.
A. He was faithful to keep covenant with God when His people would not and could not (2:13-15; see 3:1-4:11).
B. He will overcome the deep, diabolical darkness (2:16-23; see 4:12-17).
C. Genesis 3:14-15.
D. Genesis 49:8-10
E. 2 Samuel 7
F. Isaiah 11

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