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Finding Our Purpose in God's Purpose

August 18, 2019 Speaker: Rick Negley Series: Psalms

Scripture: Psalm 67:1–7

Finding Our Purpose in God's Purpose


(Psalm 67)

1.  We All Long for a Great and Glorious Purpose

So much of life can seem insignificant or even futile.

Our Lord graciously invites us into the very purpose of God.

As Abram was blessed to be a blessing (Genesis 12), so are we.

This blessing is accomplished in the cross (Galatians 3:13-14).


2.  God’s Purpose

Among the nations, God intends to be:

Known (v. 2) - God took the initiative. We could not.

We could not find our way to God.

Praised (vv. 3, 5) - God created us for His glory.

The Creator is worthy of all praise.

Enjoyed (v. 4) – God wants us to see and savor His glory.

God wants to give us joy—the greatest joy!

Feared (v. 7) - A holy God is worthy of awe and reverence.

When we see who God is, the right response is holy fear.

We recognize that we are “undone” (Isaiah 6).

God intends to be known and praised and enjoyed and feared as:

The one and only true God (v. 2) - God is no mere tribal deity.

The just Judge (v. 4) – God will deal with sin in righteousness.

God judges sin either on the cross or for eternity in hell.

We are judged based on the revelation we have received.

All are without excuse (Romans 1:18-23).

The Sovereign Lord who guides the nations (v.4)

God will fulfill His purpose for the nations (Revelation 5:9).

The gracious God of heaven (v. 1, 7) – offering salvation to all

In Christ, the good news of salvation is offered to all.


3.  Our Purpose

When we know who God is, who we are to be becomes clear.

By God's grace and Spirit, we can cooperate with God's purpose.

We can find a joyful purpose in living for:

the glory of God's name, and

the good of neighbors and nations

We are to pray the promises of Scripture and seek to fulfill them.

Riches are given for reaching the nations. Spend your life on this!