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The Greatest Commandment

July 23, 2017 Speaker: Josh Mosher

Scripture: Deuteronomy 6:4–7

The Greatest Commandment

Deuteronomy 6:4-7

Deuteronomy 6 - The one, true God who has made all things has brought us into covenant with Himself and calls us to treasure Him and speak of His greatness and goodness to the next generation.

A. Content of the Commandment.
1. We belong entirely to the Lord, and are called to a life of devoted love to Him with all that we have and that we are.
2. Jesus wants hearts that belong completely to God.
3. Moses wants soul and minds that are filled with depths of God's Word.
4. We are called to be oriented to God.

B. Captivating Power of the Message
1. What we will pass on, more then anything else, is who we are.
2. We pass on the family likeness.

C. Call to Diligent Instruction.
1. The response of the heart is captivated by God in love and devotion, will be desire to share this great joy with children.
a. Walk by the way.
b. Sit in your home.
c. Lie down.
d. Rise up.
2. We must help deconstruct the lie of the world.
3. We are called to love them through communications and presence.

(Romans 12:2)

D. Course of Action
1. Family worship at home.
a. Read the Bible
b. Pray
c. Sing
2. Catechisms and the Jesus Storybook Bible.
3. Use Biblical Words.
4. Be Authentic.
5. Know your children.
6. Talk with experienced Christian parents.
7. Pray, and pray, and pray!