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Receiving a Full Reward

June 9, 2019 Speaker: Rick Negley Series: 2 John

Scripture: 2 John 1:1–1:13

Receiving a Full Reward

(2 John 1:1-13) A Tale of Two Sisters (v. 1; v. 13)

Both “sisters” have children.
These ladies appear to be local churches and their members. Truth Binds Believers together as One (v. 2)

We have true love for one another based on the truth of God.

That truth assures us of God's goodness toward us (v. 3).

Grace, mercy, and peace will be with us from God. There is great joy in knowing others are walking in the truth (v. 4). The truth is that in Jesus Christ, God has come in the flesh (v. 7). The truth of God is intended to produce the fruit of love (vv. 5-6).

Horizontal love for one another (v. 5)
Vertical love for God reflected in the obedience of faith (v. 6) Not All Hold to the Truth of God (v.7).

Those who reject Jesus Christ in the flesh are of antichrist. Because of this danger, watch yourselves (v. 8).

Pay careful attention to yourselves (1 Timothy 4:16). You don't want to lose the reward for the work of faith (v. 8).
Instead, you want to receive a full reward. You can recognize deceivers by the way they go ahead alone.

They are not abiding in the teaching of Christ (v. 9). If anyone comes into the church to deceive, do not receive (v. 10).

For by doing so you participate in wickedness (v. 11).

The Reward of Fellowship with God and Others for Eternity

God has created us to be with Him and with others (vv. 12-13). God Himself is the reward (Genesis 15:1).
To regard something else as the reward makes it an idol. God has prepared a glorious reward (1 Cor. 2:9-10; Is. 64:4). Every believer will receive a "full” reward. There will be no envy or comparison in heaven. Like salvation, heavenly reward is received by grace through faith. Rewards are not earned by works but are according to works. We do "work” for rewards, but the work of God is to believe. Any reward is received by persevering in the work of faith. We must press on by grace through faith for the reward